Best price guarantee

We put in all the research to make sure we get our clients the best prices possible, and that each and everyone of our trips is great value for the money our clients spend

World Wide Destinations

Not only do we run local trips in South Africa, but we also have trips to many different destinations throughout the world, and we are still exploring more!

A trip for everyone

Most of our trips are mainly scuba diving based, however many of them also include snorkel trips and different land based trips so that even the non-diver can come along and enjoy themselves.

Alone or in groups…

Traveling was never easier!

We put in all the research and effort so that you don’t have to! All you need to do is come along and enjoy, everything else is up to us.

Divetek prides itself in creating exciting trips that has something to offer everyone. From the trip that is 24/7 scuba diving for those who are diving enthusiasts, to the trips that include island hoping and exploring historical architecture and culture for those who are looking for a little adventure and touring.

If we don’t have a trip that you are looking for and are wanting something different, you are welcome to contact us with what you are needing, and we can create a tailor made package to suit your needs and budget.

What kind of person are you?

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