• Duration

    21st July – 1st August 2021

  • Location
    • Ciaro – Egypt
    • Hurghada – Red Sea coast of Egypt
    • Luxor – East bank of the Nile River in Southern Egypt.
    • Port Ghalib – Red Sea coast of Egypt
  • Available Tickets

    Maximum 20 guests

  • Price


  • Deposit

    R5000-  non refundable


And once again we are going to Red Sea, BUT THIS TIME, we’re diving HAMMERHEAD & FRIENDS!

We will be diving with Red Sea Jol and we will be going to the Fury Shoals, Daedulus Reef and Elphinstone with chances to see Dolphins, Dugongs, Oceanic Whitetip Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks!


The Diving


The Fury Shoals make up several reefs along the Southwest Red Sea coast, offering amazing scuba diving opportunities with some of the most pristine reefs in Egypt. The hard and soft coral are unspoiled and are a highlight of many dive sites such as the Fury Shoal Garden. One of it’s main attractions is the Chinese tugboat, which sank in the 1940s.
The marine life is also really great with all the usual reef fishes of the Red Sea and various species of reef Sharks and even sometimes the curious Oceanic Whitetip Shark. Pelagic fishes such Barracudas, Giant Trevallies and Dogtooth Tunas are also common in the area.
Various kinds of dive sites are available depending on what you fancy, fringing reefs, lagoons, drop-offs or wrecks are some of the options so you certainly won’t get bored here, diving amongst these magnificent coral formations. A very famous dive site in The Fury Shoals is called the Dolphin Reef (Sha’ab Sataya). A pod of Dolphins is living there and can be often spotted while scuba diving or Snorkeling.
Aside from the wrecks, Fury Shoals have amazing and colorful coral reefs teeming with marine life. Fury Shoals is definitely the dive site to be if you want to explore both artificial and natural reefs.
The Fury Shoals is a great diving spot if you want to avoid the crowded dive sites of the Northern Red Sea and if you look for pristine reefs with superb corals.


It is one of the few places in the world where you can dive with the very rare and endangered Dugongs!


Daedalus Reef offers some of the Best Diving in the Red Sea! It is an offshore reef located 80km East of Marsa Alam. It features pristine hard and soft coral and amazing marine life. Here you can see various species of oceanic sharks like the curious Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks as well as Grey Reef Sharks and even the very rare Thresher Shark if you are lucky!
Most of the dives on Daedalus Reef are drift dives along amazing deep walls covered by superb coral. In addition to the Sharks, you can also encounter various pelagic fishes such as the Giant Trevally or the Dogtooth Tuna and even Manta Rays! The Daedalus Reef is located within a Marine Park which combined with its remote location, really is the most pristine dive site around Egypt and the Red Sea.
Hammerhead Sharks are frequently seen patrolling in the 500m wide circular Daedalus reef. While at the southern part of its reef, divers should expect the presence of Thresher Sharks!


Elphinstone Reef is one of the world’s most exciting diving destinations. A few small breakers are the only visible sign that just below the sea’s surface is the summit of a subterranean mountain, rich in colorful corals and fish species, and attracting the interest of hungry barracuda, dolphins and sharks.  It is two shark species in particular that attract divers looking for that unique once in a life-time close-quarters encounter with a big sea predator. The scarily curious oceanic whitetip and the oddly shaped hammerhead. 


Since you will be doing 3 – 4 dives a day at dive sites of different depths , as well as a few night dives, to enjoy this trip fully, it is recommended that you are an Advanced qualified diver with your Night and limited visibility, Enriched air Nitrox, Deep, and Wreck specialties.