• Duration

    Friday – Sunday

    16-18 April 2021

  • Location

    Sterkfontein dam- Harrismith, The Free State

  • Available Tickets

    Maximum 10 guests

  • Price

    R2800 – 2021 Prices

  • Deposit

    NON REFUNDABLE deposit of R500

Sterkfontien is a new inland dive site that is being explored and developed by Divetek. There have been a few divers that have dived in the blue waters but very few and very little exploration has taken place.

In the winter months, we take in the stunning views in and around Sterkfontein Dam from Kayaks or sailboats.
Course are also available for Sailing.In the summer months, Sterkfontein Dam is an incredible inland dive site! It boast fish life as well as gorgeous structures and caverns in the rocks and the best part 5-15m visibility.

Hiking is one of the most common activities to do at Sterkfontein. All year round the views and the hikes around Sterkfontein Dam are just completely breathtaking. From the Escarpment the Drakensburg mountains are just too beautiful for words.


The Diving


It has clear blue water with visibility of 5 meters in winter and up to 15 in summer. There are many fish such as yellow fish, bream and some really big barbel.  There is great topography with boulders, cliff faces and walls.

We have had some really great night dives there, full of fish and really easy. The night dive there is the best inland night dive we have done.

There are many sunken boats to dive on and we are looking for a farm house and settlement. Using a big sea dive boat on the dam is great fun and there are so many new sites to explore.

Aditional Activities

Located within a nature reserve on the border of the Drakensburg mountains, there are many activities with incredible views for clients to enjoy:

  • Clients can go for hikes / nature walks in the surrounding mountains
  • Clients can enjoy some Kayaking on the dam with the use of one of our kayaks
  • Clients can enjoy one of our game drives through the park, where you can enjoy a picnic on top of a hill overlooking the mountains and dam that lies below
  • Clients are welcome to bring their own bicycles which they can ride in the area.
  • There is also a resort nearby where clients can book horse rides as well as spa treatments


With so much to do, we welcome all divers and non divers of all ages to enjoy what Sterkfontein has to offer.

For those wanting to dive, we would recommend having your advanced diver qualification with Deep and Night and limited visibility specialties to maximise your diving experience. However we welcome open water to join us on some dives too.