• Duration

    Thursday – Sunday

    Dates for 2020 to be confirmed

  • Location

    Ponta do Ouro -Southern Mozambique

  • Available Tickets

    Maximum 8 guests

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  • Deposit

    NON REFUNDABLE deposit of R800

Diving Ponta do Ouro is a very special affair. The crystal clear warm blue waters of southern Mozambique combined with the amazing reef systems and ocean life are an experience not often forgotten. There are many things to see and lots of different places to dive that you will always be waiting to come back to explore some more. Common sightings of dolphins and the chance to get out to some further reefs as well as organised shark dives to the famous dive site Pinnacles are all apart of what can be done.


The Diving

Dive Sites :

Doodles in Ponta Bay has a depth range of up to 18 metres and features caves and sink holes. It is a good dive for those who have qualified and done some diving at Open Water level. You’ll see Potato Bass, Frog Fish, Dusky Sweepers, Lion Fish and Cleaner Shrimp to mention a few.

Checkers in Ponta Bay is a big horseshoe shaped ridge with a depth of 18 metres that would suit Open Water divers. You could see Morays, sea turtles, Clownfish in the anemones also Parrot Fish and Golden Kingfish amongst others.

Steps is also in Ponta Bay and is good for Open Water divers with drift experience. It’s a narrow reef with small caves and overhangs. The average depth is about 15 metres. Keep a look out for schools of fish such as Red Fang Triggers, also Morays and Nudibranchs. This dive leads into Steves

Creche in Ponta Bay is suitable for novices and Open Water divers. The average depth is about 11 metres with 2 ridges side by side that can be explored. Marine life is varied and you could see Chocolate Dips, Paper Fish and Blue Banded Snappers.

Waynes World has a great swim through and plenty of coral. You’ll see Frog Fish and Potato Bass, Rays and King Fish to name a few. Depths reach 29 metres so advanced divers only.

Texas is a shallow dive site with an extensive reef and lots of soft coral. You’ll find lots of interesting features and gullies to explore as well as big variety of fish. This is an Open Water Drift dive with depths of up to 16 metres.

Bass City for advanced divers is wonderful if you want to see plenty of fish. The series of algae- covered rocky outcrops attract an amazing array of marine life including friendly Potato Bass. Other fish to dazzle you are Devil Fire Fish, Lion Fish, juvenile Boxfish, Harlequin Shrimp and Leopard Shark to name a few. There are plenty of cleaning stations, some boulders, overhangs and also an intriguing sandy floor alive with various types of Rays. The average depth is 20 metres.

Pinnacles can also be accessed from Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane. It’s strictly for advanced drift divers only with shark encounters and exhilarating depths being the features. The average depth is 35 metres while exploring the north and south pinnacles. Look out for Pallette Surgeonfish, Sapphirina, Comb Jellies, Rays, Hammerhead and Zambezi Sharks.

General information

  • Due to occasional electricity problems in the area it is a good idea to pack torches, gas lamps, gas burners, car fridges etc to sustain you during down times. Power outages and dips are especially common in peak season when demand is high.
  • Ponta do Ouro is classified as a low risk malaria area
  • Ponta do Ouro is warm all year round with an average temperature of 28 degrees celsius. Rain mostly occurs November – April
  • Although it is possible to buy basic groceries in Ponta do Ouro it is advisable to bring the bulk of your supplies from home – just be careful of the regulations with regards to bringing meat over the border – there is a local butcher right by the accommodation
  • South African Rands, Mozambican Meticais and US Dollars are accepted in town. Credit cards are widely accepted however there are often problems with Mastercards. VISA cards are preferred. There is a bank in town square with an ATM.
  • Please make sure you read up on the rules and regulations taking cars, trailers and goods across the border, as well as the personal documentation required.


Mozambique has many different dive sites of different depths. We welcome all divers from Open Water qualification and up to join us on our trips to Pinta do Ouro.